Lipisha Instant Transaction Notification (ITN)

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The Lipisha Instant Transaction Notification (ITN) is designed to help developers integrate third-party applications with Lipisha.

The Lipisha ITN enables you to securely receive and process real-time notifications of transactions made to or by you from various mobile money options including M-Pesa, Airtel Money, Orange Money and YuCash, card payment options such as VISA and Mastercard as well as Lipisha NFC terminals.

For incoming payment transactions, the Lipisha ITN also enables you to accept, fail or reject transactions e.g if they do not match your specific criteria. This triggers a refund to the customer enabling them to make the payment again correctly.

This documentation is intended to guide you to register your ITN Callback, configure your application to process payments via HTTP POST and JSON and provides code examples in various programming languages to do the same.

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Our ready-made scripts help you to receive ITN through your chosen programming language. Select your language, dive right in and get started!

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