Lipisha REST APIs

Get API Credentials

What are API Credentials?

The first step in accessing the Lipisha API to carry out third party integration is to create API credentials.

API credentials are security tokens used to access, authorize and authenticate your interactions with the Lipisha API. They comprise of an API Key and an API Signature linked to your account.

All API requests MUST be made with the API credentials as part of the API call parameters.

Usage on Live and Sandbox environments

Each Lipisha Live and Sandbox account has a unique API Key and API Signature.

You can only use your live API credentials on your live account and your sandbox API credentials on your sandbox account. They are NOT interchangeable.

How to generate your API credentials

You can generate your API credentials in the API tab under the Settings menu of your Lipisha Live account or your Lipisha Sandbox account.

Setup API Step By Step

  1. Login to your Lipisha Account (Either Live or Sandbox)
  2. Click on Home
  3. Select Settings
  4. Click on API
  5. Click Generate to get your new API credentials
  6. That's it! Your API credentials are now ready, copy them and include them in ALL your API calls.

It is very important to keep your API credentials safe as they can be used to access not only make changes your account but also carry out transactions.

It is also important to note that once you generate a new set of API credentials you must update all your applications with the new API details for your applications to continue working.

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