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The Lipisha API has been created to easily allow developers to integrate with our payments system.

The Lipisha API has a number of functions which allow the user to interact with the system easily using code (programmatically) rather than having to carry out the same on the Lipisha Online Platform or the Lipisha USSD Service.

The Lipisha API enables you to carry out the following activities.

  • Confirming whether a transaction exists
  • Acknowledging a transaction
  • Querying for transactions
  • Querying for customers
  • Checking current volume
  • Checking available float
  • Sending mobile money
  • Sending an SMS
  • Charge a credit or debit card
  • Creating roles
  • Creating users
  • Creating a new channel
  • Requesting a withdrawal
  • Authorizing a withdrawal

This documentation is intended to guide third party application developers interact with the Lipisha Payments platform in an easy way using HTTP Post and JSON.

The response from the Lipisha API will be a JSON object which the client application can process.

The current version of the Lipisha API is v1.3.0.

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